One of the largest areas where Baobab trees grow is in Sudan, in particular, the western and southern eastern regions, are two of the most marginalized regions of the country. The native people of these areas have suffered unconscionable atrocities for more than 30 years, from genocide and starvation, to displacement and forced labor.

Being a native of Sudan, the CEO and president of BaoBlast Inc, the makers of BaoBlast™, has witnessed with his own eyes the endless miseries inflicted on the proud and wonderful people of his country. Consequently, he has made it his mission to return part of the profits to the Sudanese people who grow and harvest the baobab fruit that goes into every bottle of BaoBlast™, making sure that the money generated by these superfruit trees is somehow returned to its roots. 

As such, BaoBlast Inc has an obligation, not just to sustainability, but to promoting a deeper understanding of the social and ethnic fiber of the local Sudanese communities who derive their livelihoods from the land. And part of that mission, is to help fund much-need projects, despite all the economic hurdles and government bureaucracy. 

Our funds are spent on projects that strategically add important value to the region’s infrastructure. Things like water wells, the construction and reconstruction of schools and medical units, training of educational and health staff, and improved housing conditions. What’s more, BaoBlast’s CEO personally audits the disbursement of the funds and physically oversees every project at every stage.

Every bottle of BaoBlast you buy helps to improve the quality of life of the people in these native lands and that’s a mission of goodness we can all get behind.

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